Consulting Intern

Organisation: SynetChina

Shanghai, China
Start Dates:
66 Weeks

Organisation Details

Synet connects clients with relevant experts for on-demand and confidential consultations, enabling them to solve a variety of business and personal challenges & needs, whatever their industry, place of origin, and stage of development. 2. Our experts come from Fortune 500 and the leading companies spanning over 5-30 years experience in different industries. 3. At the same time we organize business trips and workshops in China which connect our clients with the leading company experts.

Roles and Responsibilities

Promote target country customers through online channel

Oversea market research and data analysis

.Participating in oversea social media management

Assist serving customers’ daily operation and communication

Assist content operation group daily work, including content auditing

Logistics Details

Accommodation Provided and covered

To know more about this program, approach your nearest university or arrange a consultation with us.
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