Systems Engineer

Organisation: OnPoint Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Start Dates:
13 weeks

Organisation Details

We offer end-to-end solution, with local insight, and execution to make e-commerce easy for brands, and retailer, and to create value for businesses, consumers, and partners.

Roles and Responsibilities

You will set up database management system with a structure that must fit long-term business needs. You will develop core database by pulling data from multiple internal/external systems You will provide support to internal team for hardware/software/network issues when needed. You will work in the IT department. You will be kept track closely by Head of IT Dept using various tracking tools.

Intern Development

IT system engineering intern will have the chance to tackle all IT-related issues that a young e-commerce start-up will be facing from developing the core database system of OnPoint from scratch to managing company’s network. Intern will play an important part of the company as the system will store all relevant data of Sales, Marketing, Operations, from which Business Intelligence department will make management reports for decision-making

Logistics Details

Food Covered

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