Alo Mingalabar!

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Alo Mingalabar!

(Hello Myanmar)

3 of our participants embarked on a 6-week Global Entrepreneur internship last summer to Myanmar, where they all coincidentally worked in start-ups of the same industry. What was initially a solo travel soon became a trio one (hexad to be exact, to include each of their own programme participants), where they created beautiful memories as a mini Singapore community and also with their own colleagues from their companies.



Most right: Meet Jamie! A Year 2 Life Science student who worked as a Market research intern in an oral healthcare startup.

2nd to the Right: Meet Katrina! A Year 1 Business admin student who worked as a marketing intern in a water consulting startup.

3rd to the right: Meet Mervin! A Year 1 Business admin student who worked as an Accounts Executive in another marketing startup.

The rest are the Experienced managers tagged to them.

Let’s hear their personal stories!

Q1: Why did you choose Myanmar?


I chose Myanmar because there’s something intriguing and elusive about this society that’s been largely closed off from the world until the last decade, and I sure haven’t been disappointed. When I got there, the people were so warm and generous, the streets noisy and diverse, and the giant fried crickets strange and crunchy (no regrets btw!).


I’ve always been interested in Marketing and when I saw this marketing opportunity through the telegram chat, I didn’t hesitate any longer and signed up for it! This internship provided me valuable insights into the industry and am now sure of my career path (this is something I’m especially thankful for). 🔥This internship totally satisfied my “wants” for the Summer, a fine-balance between satisfying my wander lust, learn and gain work experience. (Check out Mervin’s photos to get a better glimpse of what he meant!)


Jamie’s attempt in eating her first ever fried cricket!


Q2: What were your 3 highlights? What shocked you there?


Probably, accustoming to the lawless Yangon traffic, trying the unique flavours of Burmese cuisine and truly learning what it means to live independently!


Having to travel on more than half of my weekends (4 out of 7 yes!), forging tons of friendships (other participants from Spain, Taiwan, and Vietnam, and also my Burmese colleagues) and getting to wear the very comfortable traditional Longyi which looks like a skirt (haha, the only time I get to do something without being judged!)






Check out Mervin’s Longyi!


Q3: How was your job there? Was it overwhelming? How were your colleagues there?


At work, I was given opportunities to curate Marketing Campaigns for several renowned clients (no sai yang or whatever from day 1). Apart from that, I also participated in “cool” stuff such as presenting to clients and attending photoshoots, brand launches, going on business trips etc. My life has thus been so much more memorable with the always-friendly people there and crazy opportunities provided. Special shoutout: 1) to the my awesome colleagues who treating me like family and giving me opportunities to learn! 2) All the local and international friends who splattered vibrancy on my canvas.


As for my colleagues there, they always made me feel very welcomed and a part of the team even before I started work and this helped me through my internship. The people around me were always genuinely interested in who I was and how they could help develop me. Before I started work, I was invited to join a few company skype meetings where I was introduced to the team and learnt more about what each person was doing. There was a flat hierarchy structure and open culture where I could share my feedback, suggestions and ideas easily with my colleagues and top management and they would welcome and hear my opinions. Hence, change gets implemented quickly and I could measure the success of what I implemented.

Q4: What are your main takeaways from this?


I learnt what it means to take charge of my own experience, grab opportunities with both hands and take my ideas to their fullest potential.


I learnt that the more afraid you are, the more reasons to do it. So go try new things and test your limits!


Q6: Any tips/pointers for those thinking of embarking on their journey to Myanmar?


During your free time (esp. weekends), do make full use of it by travelling around the country, hanging out with friends or be like me and take time to read all the books that has been sitting in my reading list over the hectic semester. haha.

Q7: Describe your experience in 1 sentence:


Overall, this trip was not only a good breather from the hectic semester but also a productive one!


It was truly a great experience being able to travel and work at the same time!

Mervin having fun at work.

Exploring Myanmar during the weekends!

So you heard it! Shared from the personal experience of our participants! Feeling that tingling excitement within you? So what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity and curate your very own once-in-a-life-time experience!

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