The best time of my life

The best time of my life

I remember weeks before even planning for my global volunteer project, one of my friends told me this…”Go for it. You’ll have the best time of your life. I initially wanted to go to Nepal so badly but I couldn’t and I was thinking of which country should I go to then. I came across Mongolia…a country that I’ve only heard of but I never knew anything about it. Looked it up on Google, seemed cool enough, applied for the project that I was interested in, got it and was well on my way to the start of the best 6 weeks of my life.

Volunteering to teach kids English at a sports camp inthe countryside. Perfect! It was something I’ve been wanting to do for many years and I finally had the opportunity to do so. Made a bunch of amazing friends. Saw a lot of breathtaking sceneries. Experienced things that I would never have had the chance to do so in Singapore. It all felt so surreal because every moment was perfect.

I kept hoping that the plane would not take off when it was on the runway because I couldn’t bear to leave 6 weeks worth of incredible experiences and friendships behind just like that but well… the plane took off and I’m back in Singapore. My friend was right…I had the best time of my life there & I wish it never ended.

-Theva, Exchange Participant from Singapore Management University

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