Humans of AIESEC | Richie | Global Volunteer

Humans of AIESEC | Richie | Global Volunteer

“I taught at Szkola podstawowa nr 34, or in English Primary School 34 in Gdansk, Poland. The children in the primary school were from underprivileged and broken families. Despite this, the children surprised me by making gifts for me and expected nothing in return from me. These action showed me the meaning of true generosity – giving silently without expecting any praise or reward. This encouraged me to start to give back to the society and motivated me to try to do something with my life that will benefit the world.

As such, I would recommend those who are looking for something during the summer holidays to consider doing a Global Volunteer project! It is a really great option to fill your summer holiday with. Not only will you be able to meet the people in the country you are volunteering in, AIESEC also brings people from different countries and culture together! Oh, and one more highlight about my trip was that the alcohol and food are really cheap in Poland.”

Richie went to Gdansk, Poland and volunteered at the Inspire Project.

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