Jump into an unknown world, get a taste of the start-up life, and step up to the challenge of working from the bottom-up.
Build your global network and improve your cross-cultural communications!


What is Global Entrepreneur?

Global Entrepreneur is an internship experience with a startup where you can explore, learn and contribute to the entrepreneurial world.

  • Duration: 6-12 weeks

  • Organisation: Startups

  • Stipend: None


discover with aiesec.

You will have the opportunity to reflect and discover your passion, expertise and preferred job nature through practical and challenging environments.


expand with aiesec.

You will be able to make the right connections and grow your professional network to support your future entrepreneurial ventures.


understand with aiesec.

Through inter-cultural collaboration, you will enhance your adaptibility in diverse environments and understanding towards global trends.

Why Choose AIESEC?

  • Affordable cost
  • A local volunteer to support you with application process and outgoing preparation
  • Accommodation and food (Provided and covered in most countries)
  • Access to internship opportunities in 25+ countries
  • Access to leadership development assessment tools
  • Outgoing preparation sessions before the program
  • Online and offline support and program guide
  • Support with VISA documents and insurance
  • Nationally recognized certificate

Exchange Participant Fee

To be paid after getting selected to the project of your choice

SGD 600

*The program fee does not include other costs related to the travel such as Visa application fees, flight, accommodation etc.

Projects offered


Marketing & Publicity


Sales and Business Development


Business Administration


Information Technology

Countries we recommend

Global Entrepreneur

Why Myanmar?

Nestled on the edge of Southeast Asia, Myanmar is a beautiful, vast country full of rich tradition, delicious food and gorgeous natural sights. Visitors from all walks of life can find reasons to visit and fall in love with this wondrous ancient land.

What are you waiting for?

Global Entrepreneur

Why Indonesia?

The country is so vast, vibrant and dynamic you could spend a year exploring it and feel like you have been across a whole continent. And not to forget, there is also Bali!

What are you waiting for?

Global Entrepreneur

Why Nepal?

Nepal is home to ten of the world’s 14 highest mountains, offering a magnificent setting for hiking and mountaineering, as well as some of the world’s best white water rafting.

What are you waiting for?

Global Entrepreneur

Why Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic has the largest density of castles in all of Europe. In fact, there are over 2,000 castles around the country. It is also located in central Europe, making it easy to travel to neighbouring countries

What are you waiting for?

Global Entrepreneur

Why Ukraine?

Ukraine is one of the largest countries in Europe. Its cultural heritage is majestic and ancient, not to mention the richness and diversity of the local cuisine, as well as the uniqueness of Ukrainian traditions and customs.

What are you waiting for?

Global Entrepreneur

Why Hong Kong?

A colonial background gave Hong Kong a sophisticated fusion of east and west. Hong Kong’s culture is unique, while simultaneously representing a fusion of different backgrounds. And not to forget, there is also dimsum!

What are you waiting for?

Global Entrepreneur

Why Greece?

This Mediterranean country has it all – Great beaches, wonderful food, friendly people, history and culture. From breath-taking sunsets to pristine coastlines Greece is a summer hotspot.

What are you waiting for?

Experience Stories

  • - Myo Myo, NTU  Exchange to Poland

    I taught English and Culture at three schools, which were all different in so many ways. In some, I was conducting English practice sessions, while in others the school wanted toemphasise on an exchange of culture and interactions such that Polish kids learn to embrace new cultures. I have never felt so much life in my everyday life before. I received so much warmth and love from my host parents and siblings and they made it a must to let me try every single new Polish dish, visit castles and secret getaway places while they listened intently whenever I shared stories of myself. I am sure we all were mutually grateful to have had each other asfamily at that point in our lives.

    - Myo Myo, NTU Exchange to Poland
  • - Jan Wai, NTU  Exchange to Taiwan

    Through this volunteering project and living abroad alone for the first time, I have many opportunities in developing my independence and being able to multi-task. Furthermore, I got the chance to interact with people from different backgrounds and cultures, enhancing my cross-cultural experience. By sharing my own culture, the children get to know and see the world through my sharings. I felt I have bring them to a country outside of Taiwan! Other than being taught to see things from different perspectives, the children are now more motivated to pursue what they are interested in.

    - Jan Wai, NTU Exchange to Taiwan
  • - Nathaniel, NTU  Exchange to Taiwan

    My overall experience in Taiwan is very satisfying. They put in efforts to make me feel comfortable there by arranging meet up sessions with other AIESECers and even surprising me for my birthday! The school which I volunteered in also helped to ensure that I was adapting during my internship period there. I learnt more about myself more during the project and being more independent since I was alone and knew no one before. I also learnt how to communicate with people of different ages, since most of the time I interact with kids and the teachers who are older than me. It was a very enriching and unique experience that we won’t get from other programs in university.

    - Nathaniel, NTU Exchange to Taiwan

The Process

  • Step 1: Click the button below this section to sign up!

    Browse our available projects. Indicate your interest on our platform and we will be in touch to contact you for more deatils

  • Step 2: Secure an interview and get matched

    Attend an interview for the projects/internship positions you have applied for and get matched. Show them why you care, ask them questions and if it’s all good – pay, sign and you’re set!

  • Step 3: Get ready, get prepared

    Receive personalised support from your local AIESEC manager who will be attached to you throughout your journey. Attend our preparation spaces. Sort out flights, visa, insurance & logistics.

  • Step 4: Step outside your comfort zone

    Pack your bags, open your mind and get ready to embark on a life-changing experience! Discover your world and most importantly, yourself.

Can 6 weeks change your life?

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Got Questions?

For accommodation, it depends on the projects. However, for most projects listed on our project recommendation tool, the accommodation is provided and covered and provided. Even if accommodation is not covered, either AIESEC and the company will assist you in sourcing accommodation. You may refer to the searchtool for more information: http://bit.ly/ASG1920oGETOPP

Most of the internship are not paid. But with either or both accommodation and food covered, you basically need to pay your daily living cost only.

The program fee is 600SGD. It includes the internship application fee, the admin fee for AIESEC, as well as the service & learning fee (which are the preparation seminar and reintegration seminar and other events that offer by AIESEC to assist you for a better journey).

The duration of the internship can vary from 6 weeks to 3 months. Some of them have flexible starting and ending date. If you wish to know more, you can also refer to the information listed up on the searchtool: http://bit.ly/ASG1920oGETOPP

We offer prositions in the field of Marketing, Business Administration, Business Development & Sales, Information Technology as well as Engineering.

If you fill in your CV in the portal and make the statement of application with effort, you will surely have a higher chance.

The selection process actually varies across different projects. However, in general the procedures are as follows:

1. Application and CV Screening by AIESEC or company
2. Short interview by AIESEC / Video submission for self introduction
3. Interview by company (if you are shortlisted)
The process will take around 2-3 weeks. Normally, you will receive an application notification email with next steps within 3-5 days after your application is submitted.

This varies according to the practices of different universities. You may contact your Exchange Participant Manager (EPM) for more details of funding provided by your university.