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Experience the beauties of Indonesia

A country of rich ethnic and cultural diversity and history


This beguiling nation of over 17,000 islands and over 300+ cultures has massive potential for development. AIESEC in Indonesia seeks to Improve the quality of education through Edunesia, develop the environment through Environesia, develop the economy through Grownesia. It’s hard to beat Indonesia for the sheer range of experiences on offer. Learn more about Indonesian culture and connect back to your roots for some.

Your impact in Indonesia

Directly work towards the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Grownesia’s objective is to develop economics in Indonesia, either through SME’s or tourism. The project consists of minimally TN Development activities and workshops from experts.

Edunesia’s objective is to develop the quality of education in Indonesia. The project will minimally have training for teaching, about cross-cultural understanding and crowdfunding provided.

Environesia’s objective is to develop the environment in Indonesia. The project consists of minimally an environmental activity, training or workshop with an expert, and a roadshow.

How it works


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Our Projects in Indonesia


[JUL-AUG] Edunesia – Eduaction | Bangka Belitung


[JUL-AUG] Grownesia – PadPreneur 4.0 Social Entrepreneurship | Bandung


[JUN-JUL] Grownesia – Upreneur 7.0 | Semarang


[JUN-AUG] Environesia – Down to Earth 2.0| Malang


[JUL-AUG] Environesia – REFORM #7 | Semarang


[JUL-AUG] Environesia – Greenesia Project 4.0 | Palembang

Our Testimonials

I felt so lucky to be part of this project! I have learnt many new things. I respect more people, I became more aware of nature and my surroundings, I feel like I should do more for this world and become beneficial for my country, thanks to my experiences in Palembang. Also, I think I became a new person with a new mindset, ready to face the world, I never felt this proud of myself until now!

Maria (Portugal) – Exchange to Indonesia