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Experience the beauties of Myanmar

A country of rich ethnic and cultural diversity and history


Myanmar, also known as Burma, is called the ‘Golden Land’ for its abundance of glittering, sacred pagodas and its exotic beauty. Myanmar is a less developed country with a lower-middle income population. Myanmar’s English proficiency is ranked as the bottom 10% worldwide; and Myanmar’s tourism industry has suffered from a big drop in tourists due to the unfolding refugee crisis in northern Rakhine

Your impact in Myanmar

Directly work towards the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The project’s mission is based on sharing, caring,
protection & cooperation through
mindfulness & the right understanding of
Myanmar’s older generation.

The project is about teaching basic English
to children and introduce them to Global
Goals at a monastery who are working for
their family income.

The project is projected for Myanmar to be able
to put in a more productive contribution to the
2030 SDG target of a substantial reduction in
waste consumption.

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Our Projects in Myanmar


[MAY-JUN] Hello Sayar 16.0 – Monastic Education | Yangon


[JUL-AUG] Hello Sayar 19.0 – Monastic Education | Yangon


[MAY-JUN] Project Lighthouse 16.0 – Orphanage | Yangon


[JUN-JUL] Project Lighthouse 17.0 – Orphanage | Yangon


[JUN-JUL] Hello Sayar 17 – Little Stars | Thanlyin


[JUL-SEP] Hello Sayar 20 – Little Stars | Thanlyin

Our Testimonials

I joined the volunteering project because I wanted to experience something more and different from my everyday university life, and also to be able to immerse myself in a new culture and at the same time work with less privileged sections of society. Being in Sri Lanka was very eye-opening. I was able to build friendships with people from all over the world. For the whole seven weeks that I was in Sri Lanka, I learnt so much about not only Sri Lankan culture but also from the cultures of the other interns whom I lived and worked with. I would also say that it’s when you are in an unfamiliar environment when you really learn about yourself too. So, it was an introspective and reflecting journey for me as well. Sri Lanka is so beautiful, both physically and in their people’s hospitable and carefree manner.

Ameera(SIM) – Exchange to Sri Lanka