Localization EdTech Project Associate

Organisation: Peace House Travel & Event Management

Yangon, Myanmar
Start Dates:
January, November, December
8 weeks


Peace House Travel & Event Management, Yangon, Myanmar


The digital intern is responsible for analyzing, measuring & creating strategies to drive online traffic to the company website as well as developing & managing campaigns on social media & content creation using techniques such as paid search, SEO & PPC. The intern may contribute to such projects as performing market research & analysis, performing projects related to Sustainable Development for company & tourism sector.


In the role, you will be responsible to:

– Develop and manage social media campaigns and content creation

– Develop and monitor strategies for paid search: Google Adwors, Facebook Ads, Instagram,etc.

– Improve online channels such as website & social media through SEO, market research & A/B testing

– Develop strategies that attract more signups on the website,Facebook and Instagram

– Track and analyze social media metrics

– Develop and manage email marketing campaigns and lead nurturing strategies

– Monitor market trends, competitors marketing efforts & startup ecosystem

– Measure and report performance of all marketing campaigns related to organizational goals

– Perform Sustainable Development related projects based on company’ s contribution to tourism sector


Your official working hour is from 9am to 5pm on weekdays.

Accommodation will be provided and covered for the project.

Food is not provided.

We will assist in applying for 70-day Business visa.

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