Dream Beyond Language (Teaching English)

Start Dates:

Project Details

This project aims to provide cross-cultural and English education for students (primary, middle and high schools) in Taiwan. In addition to raising awareness about language and cultural diversity, the project will enable the volunteers from all over the world to develop themselves by holding English lessons designed by you, and discussing about global issues with students.

Roles and Responsibilities

For 6 weeks, participate in a Taiwan school as a youth foreign teacher. Create activities and lessons to bring culture shock and global insights to the students.

Main Activities:

Culture Sharing | Teach the children about your unique culture through the lessons.

Topic Sharing | Interact with students through the different touch points to cultivate young global citizens.

Language Lesson | Cooperate with teachers to teach English in classes.

SDG Promotion | SDG education delivery through school activities or topic sharing.

Engage the School | Host school events and share your experiences during your journey. You will be taken care of by the school you are volunteering in throughout your experience with us.

Logistics Details

> No EP fee

> Accommodation Provided & Covered

> Meals Provided

> Incoming Preparation Seminar – Learn more about Taiwan and the town in which you will be volunteering, and what you will be experiencing on the project.

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