Embrace Taiwan: Migrant Workers

Organisation: AIESEC in Taiwan NTHU

Hsinchu, Taiwan
Start Dates:
6 Weeks

Project Details

Together we live, together we decided how it is shaped. We aim to bridge the gap between the Southeast Asia migrant workers issues in Taiwan and students. To cultivate a better society with diversified culture in Taiwan, we hope everyone can embrace Taiwan through this project.

Roles and Responsibilities

【Oct-Dec】|3 times online sessions before arriving in Taiwan. We will know each other better.

【week 0-1】|Preparation

Attend IPS|2 days Incoming Preparation Seminar

Introduction|Knowing and communicating with NGO

【week 1-4】|NGO Volunteer

Daily|Volunteer service with the social workers.

Record|To record the stories of migrant workers.

Sessions|Focus on education, finance and culture.

【week 5-6】|Preparing and hold activities

Hold i-See Camp & workshop senior high students in Taiwan

Logistics Details

EP fee: Confirm during interview

> Accommodation provided (Host Family/Dormitory)

> 2 Meals per day

> Airport pick up

> Incoming Preparation Seminar

> AIESEC events

> Exchange buddy

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