Embrace Vietnam (Teaching Orphanages)

Tay Ninh Province, Vietnam
Start Dates:
6 Weeks

Project Details

Embrace Vietnam is a project in Tay Ninh province, where good English education is hard to find and foreigners are treated as celebrities. Our project aims to bring English education and various cultures worldwide to the children through fun English classes and activities. One week into this project ,and you will already feel like a local, as well as the children’s Best Friend. We need young people to teach them English wholeheartedly so that they can speak English fluently.

Roles and Responsibilities

Interactive lessons | Teach English in a fun way (play games like Simon says, sing songs,…) at orphanages with children of ages 9 – 12.

Public Speaking | Host talk shows about a specific topic of your choosing (love, dream,…) with children from ages 10-18

Event Organization | Organize an event each week for the local children (movie night, culture day, talent show,…)

Weekly Events | Participate in weekly events of AIESEC local volunteer team

Prepare for your classes and events with your fellow interns and the local volunteers

Logistics Details

EP Fee: $15 USD

Gift box: T- shirt, wristband

Certificate is provided

Events: IPS, LEAD session, teaching training, integration events (city tour, karaoke, culture day, Global Village…)

Accommodation is provided but not covered: $35 USD

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