Global Passport Wave 18 – Promotion Executive

Organisation: AIESEC in Hanoi

Hanoi, Vietnam
Start Dates:
6 Weeks

Project Details

Global Passport was founded by AIESEC in Vietnam since July 2013, on the basis of enhancing English and soft skills through the exchange. With facilitators from diverse nations all over the world, this project will not only provide Vietnamese students with highly-interactive English-speaking environment but also a unique opportunity for gaining insight on pressing social issues and cross-cultural experiences. In the past 17 iterations, 253 international interns from different parts of the world have volunteered in Global Passport and has had over 850 attendees from various high schools and universities in Vietnam.

Global Passport will focus on sustainable food consumption. Create an interactive English
speaking environment , develop soft skills, and last but not least, multicultural understanding. The target audience will be high school and university students. We aim to solve the problems not only about food waste but also the problems about food industry and minimize the harmfulness to the environment.

Roles and Responsibilities

Design Promotional Materials | Make promotional materials (take pictures, video recap) for the project

Event Execution | Deliver the content and activities you designed with the other EPs.

Stakeholder Engagement | Create lasting bonds between attendees, interns and organising committee members. Track attendees’s development. Take care of attendees’s engagement & satisfaction with project events.


Pre-events: Make promotional materials, join trainings & regular meetings

Mid-week and Weekend Camps & outdoor events: Take photos and join activities

Workshop: Make the post plan, design promotion materials,take the photos and join activities

Global Village: Be representative of your culture and provide cross-culture learning activities

Post-events: collect students’ feedback, make development reports, design wrap-up posts, make recap videos for Vietnam Youth Icon Facebook page

Logistics Details

EP fee: $200 USD

Sim Card with Data

Accommodation for 42 day

1 meal/day for 42 days (breakfast)

Certificate provided

Venue, logistics and meals in our events (Incoming Preparation Seminar, EP Lead, Global Village)

Exchange Participant Buddy system

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