Grownesia: Social Entrepreneurship

Bandung, Indonesia
Start Dates:
6 Weeks

Project Details

Social entrepreneur is a concept where a person use inovation in economic to solved problem in society. With Grownesia: Social Entrepreneurship Project, Exchange Participants will help villagers in Bandung to solve environment, culture or social issue that founded in the village through finding their economic potential and help to develop it.

Roles and Responsibilities

– Receive training from experienced entrepreneur in Bandung

– Raising awareness of entrepreneurship to the villagers

– Preparing business canvas model and promotional plan for the villager’s products

– Develop product in the village through physical and digital marketing

– Doing physical development in Village Based on Problem that had been found

– Arrange a campaign to showcase the product and village

– Radio Roadshow: Sharing culture & raising awareness about entrepreneur & village to Bandung Citizen

– School Roadshow: Sharing culture, also giving a new mindset to students about entrepreneur & village

– Join all AIESEC events (IPS, Webinar, Global Village and Awarding Night)

Logistics Details

EP fee: $65 USD

> Accommodation provided (Host Family)

> Exchange Kit

> Airport pick up

> Incoming Preparation Seminar

> AIESEC events (Global Village)

> Exchange buddy

> Training

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