International Education

Organisation: Various Schools

Warsaw, Poland
Start Dates:
November, December
6-8 weeks

Project Details

The objective of the project is to spread cultural understanding among the children in primary, middle high and high schools through cultural workshops held in English by international volunteers. Main focuses are teaching English, overcoming the language barrier of the children and showcasing different cultures.

Roles and Responsibilities

From 02.12.2019 till 24.01.2020:

Trainees will conduct workshops in primary schools and kindergarten (kids aged 3-15), from Mon to Fri in different hours around 5-6h per day. Volunteers will be usually working in group of 2 or 3 people and they will change the working place at least once.

From 22.12.2019 to 5.01.2019:

You will have free weeks for travelling due to the Christmas break in schools (accommodation and food is not provided then) THE WORKPLACE IS NOT ALWAYS PLACED IN WARSAW.

Sharing your culture | prepare your country presentations and workshop materials in advance

Cooperating with teachers | you are expected to be proactive and take initiative and innovate

Engaging students | Prepare games, art or sport activities

Teaching | Working with kids requires patience and empathy

Showcasing | You’ll be asked to upload photos and videos you took so that memories don’t fade away

Logistics Details

EP Fee: 30 Euros in cash

1 meal/day provided

Accommodation provided: you’ll be living in a room in the school, a dorm, a hostel or a host family

Incoming Preparation Seminar – Learn more about Poland and what you will be experiencing on the project

Certificate: only issued if you participate in the Global Village, Opening and Closing events

** Accommodation and food will not be provided from 22.12.2019 – 05.01.2019

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