Project CARE (Elderly & Disables)

Start Dates:

Project Details

The ageing population and the well-being of the elderly are emerging as major challenges for families in Myanmar. In this project, you will be spending time with the elderly and disabled people and motivate them by giving emotional support, providing care and attention. The project’s mission is based on sharing, caring, protection & cooperation through mindfulness & the right understanding of Myanmar’s older generation.

Roles and Responsibilities

Taking care of disabled people and their hygiene and needs

Give emotional support and motivational talks to elderly and disabled people

Helping disabled people with their physical exercises

Enjoy Myanmar Culture while making an impact

Join weekly meditation class provided at the center.

Logistics Details

EP fee: $150 USD

> 3 meals/day

> Accommodation provided

> Food & Culture tours

> Airport pick up and drop off

> Sim Card

> EP buddy

> Incoming Preparation Seminar – Learn more about Myanmar and what you will be experiencing on the project

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