tumblr_m6xui6x37O1qhmhdfo1_500“The world begins at the end of your comfort zone.” This is the sentence that motivates me to go further and further.

Being an adult-to-be, you will come across tons of different opportunities and challenges every day. They are like obstacles to the road of success that you must overcome. Some people may be scared by them and not dare to take a step forward. But if you have the courage to move on, even though you may not get the result you want, your small effort brings you one step closer to success.

I used to be an introverted person who tend to reject changes and challenges in life. It is always best to stay in your own comfort zone, isn’t it? I never aspire  to be  an extraordinary person, so why do I need to challenge myself or take up opportunities? You may feel good about staying in your comfort zone But eventually, you will have the feeling of being an outsider of all the exciting things. In order to get rid of this frustrating feeling, I took my first step out of my comfort zone – I joined AIESEC. This was the biggest challenge, and opportunity,  that I grabbed for myself. AIESEC is a magical place outside your comfort zone where you can always find support from. Because of AIESEC, an introverted person like me became a trainer and conference facilitator who can speak in front of many and use my own knowledge and experience to inspire others. Because of AIESEC, a timid person like me stepped up to be a leader and led a team with 15 people towards a success of a national event. Because of AIESEC, a rational person like me explored my artistic side and made fancy designs and write attractive content for marketing. Right now, I am doing something that I never expect myself would engage in. For instance, as a sociology student, I work in AIESEC for marketing and I even have a part time job as marketing assistant.

My experience may sound extraordinary to you. But this is what happen to many youths in the world too. In this fast changing world, people are becoming more and more demanding. Staying with the average standard is definitely not good enough because everyone is looking for something that can make you stand out. It may be your skills. It may be your experience. Therefore, abandon the old saying that being ordinary and stay in where you feel secure is good for you to survive in the society. If you stick with this thought, I am pretty sure you will be regret of not taking up challenges or opportunities in the future. Stepping out of the comfort zone may be hard at the first place, but it will not risk you anything in life. Even if you fail, you have already make effort to build the better version of yourself. Believe in yourself and step out, for you may also be the next one that can write inspiring and encouraging stories like mine. If you are not dare to make a change for yourself, you will never have the chance to taste what the world is truly like; and you will never know your limits. Stepping out of your comfort zone is definitely not hard. You just need some courage and some faith on yourself.

When I look back now, I never believe that I have come this far. But I believe that I still have a whole new world to explore, and so do you!


-Article is contributed by Rachael

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