Technology of Tomorrow

Technology of Tomorrow (ToT) is a space for students to learn about emerging technologies from a range of industry experts while gaining deeper insights into the technology industry.

Through workshops and keynote sharings, youths can engage with esteemed speakers regarding career opportunities and gain firsthand tips to best enter the industry. Our event drives on the notion of having youths taking charge of their learning, upskilling themselves today to be prepared for the future when opportunities arise.

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What's In It For You

The tot experience

Technology of Tomorrow


To upskill youths in emerging topics related to technology & provide exclusive industry insight and career opportunities

Technology of Tomorrow


To be a platform for youths to engage with industry professionals and tech recruiters

Technology of Tomorrow


To help today’s youth integrate into the technologically advanced working society.

Technology of Tomorrow


A certificate will be awarded to participants upon actively engaging in the workshops

What's Happening?

Key highlights

1010 Keynote
Integrating Social Science & Technology

Speaker: Zhi Hui (Skilio)

Discover the roles that social sciences play in creating meaningful tech solutions. Find out more about how Skilio used Artificial Intelligence (AI) such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) to build their platform.

1010 Keynote
User Experience Design Planning

Speaker: Matt Oon (Acceset)

User Experience Design focuses on developing abstract ideas, and organizing it for tech production. It is like architectural design and property construction but on virtual real estate. In this session, you will be given an insider look into a tried-and-tested planning and problem-solving methodology to build great technologies.

1045 Workshop
Choosing the Right Database

Speaker: Abhijeet (Google)

  • Overview of google cloud's database offering.
  • Different technologies under it and how it will impact on choosing the right database for your application.
1045 Workshop
Hands-On UX Planning Experience

Host: Matt Oon (Acceset)

In this session, we will look at how to recreate a national discount program (i.e. CDC voucher scheme) to facilitate benefits transfer between consumer and merchants without creating an app platform.

1215 Keynote
Decoding HR with Tech

Speaker: Annie Kok (DecodeHR)

  • Pain points & the Relevance of tech to the HR industry 
  • Key findings from 2021 HR Digital Transformation Survey 
  • Application of Tech in HR 
  • Gamification in HR
1250 Workshop
Technology in Banking

Host: Ash Tong & Kim Freitag (UBS)

The Faces Behind Our Success


Annie Kok

Head of Technology


Data Management Solution Specialist

Matt Oon


Zhi Hui


Kim Freitag

Software Engineer

Ash Tong

Digital Technology, Regional Management APAC

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