YouthSpeak Forum 2021


Youth Employability: Staying Ahead of the Curve

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About YouthSpeak Forum

YouthSpeak Forum powered by AIESEC is an event run by youth for youth. It is a forum where inspiration and collaboration convert into action. This event brings together both young and senior leaders to form a diverse cross-sector and multigenerational space for inspiring conversations around pressing global, national and local issues.

This year’s edition of Youth Speak Forum will be 100% virtual, making it available and safe to attend for anyone, anywhere. Nevertheless, we guarantee you that it will be just as inspiring and packed with amazing guest speakers as the years before! We are really looking forward to seeing you all there on Saturday, July 10th from 9 am to 5 pm. Attend the sessions you like!

Theme of the Event

Young people represent around one fifth of the world’s population, but half of the total unemployed global workforce. Youth, defined as persons between 15 and 24 years of age, comprise some 89 million of the total of 192 million people out of work which is why our Theme for YouthSpeak Forum is Youth Employability.

For every young person, a job offering decent work is an important step in completing the transition to adulthood, a milestone towards independence and self-reliance. Attend YouthSpeak Forum 2021 to Stay Ahead of the Curve.

What's in it for you?

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YouthSpeak Forum 2021

Keynotes & Panel Discussions

Listen to diverse perspectives from experts and key opinion leaders, as they share and build on each other's experiences.

YouthSpeak Forum 2021

Action Spaces

Engage with our partners and speakers. Additionally, you will receive access to job/Internship opportunities, chance to grow your network and have candid interactions with them.

Workshops YouthSpeak Forum

Skills-based Workshops

Participate in interactive skill building workshops. You will engage in discussions and collaborative activities that enable you to analyse, share and enhance your knowledge.

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Receive Certificates

Get a certificate from AIESEC in Singapore when you sign up and actively participate in YouthSpeak Forum for at least 4 hours. Get an ADDITIONAL certificate when you register and engage in any of our 8 workshops

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Opening Plenary
by our Special Guest Mr Alvin Tan (Minister of State, Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, Ministry of Trade and Industry)
Keynote (Empower)

The Future of the Work Environment by David Yeo from Kydon Group

Workshops (Engage)
  • Guide to Personal Branding by Google 
  • Essential Guide for your Digital Marketing Career by
    *SCAPE & Eysy Digital 
  • Unboxing Artifical Intelligence & Machine Learning by Startup Boost Singapore & Tictag (curated by *SCAPE)
Lunch (Game On)

Sitback With ShopBack. Get up to $20 cashback, simply by playing the game 'ShopBack Troopers'. Game scores only valid within session duration.

Keynote (Empower)
Stay Ahead of the Curve: Intelligence for the Future by Bryonie Guthrie from World Economic Forum
Panel Session (Engage)

Empowering the Future Workforce: Challenges and Way Forward by leaders from ShopBack, Skillio, 500 Startups, Generation Singapore & SkillsFuture Singapore

Moderator: Stories of Asia

Skill-building Workshops (Engage)
  • Acing the Recruitment Process by Google
  • The Art of Visual Storytelling by Google
  • Wealth Way - Liquidity, Longevity & Legacy by UBS
  • Effective Communication in the Workplace by ESSEC
Commercial Space / Break
Get to know ESSEC Business School
Keynote (Empower)
Creativity & Innovation: Essentials for a Post-COVID World by Goh Wei Choon from The Woke Salaryman
Action Space (Commit)

Network & connect with leaders from companies such as ShopBack, ESSEC Business School, I.E Business School, ACCA & World Economic Forum

Panel Session (Engage)

Reshaping the Future Together by leaders from ASEAN Youth Organization, GovTech Singapore, Halogen Foundation & The Young SEAkers

Moderator: AIESEC in Singapore

Closing Plenary

An exciting announcement awaits...

Highlight Spaces


Creativity & Innovation:

Essentials For A Post Covid World

Empowered By

The Woke Salaryman Logo

The World Economic Forum ranks creativity as the third most important skill for the workplace (up from tenth in 2015); and How to Create books by creative luminaries abound, with easy-to-adopt practices to help us think differently. In fact, creativity is rated amongst the top 10 skills for work in the post-COVID world.

Through this keynote, delegates will be exposed to different creative thinking mindsets and use pro-innovations as a tool to lead in difficult times. Lots of organizations have had to innovate and develop creative solutions to stay afloat in crisis, and this session will share insights with youth and help inspire them to face challenges with creativity and innovation.

YouthSpeak Forum 2021
YouthSpeak Forum 2021
panel discussion:

Stay Ahead of the Curve:

Intelligence for the Future

Empowered By

World Economic Forum Logo

This keynote will give insight as to how data and intelligence is shaping the future, and how youth can access information to support research and decision making processes even while building a career.

What are people saying about a particular topic? What data is available regarding a particular subject? The future is highly influenced by intelligence and this tool developed by the World Economic Forum is essential to help the youth stay ahead of the curve.


The Future of the Work Enviroment

Empowered By

Kydon Group Logo

Due to COVID-19, a lot of changes have been observed in the work environment. People have started to work remotely and many companies have shifted to the virtual work style. Opportunities across borders are booming and work is becoming more collaborative yet largely distant. This future requires a different skill set – one that is is more IT infused, especially when technology has been taking over most aspects of work. This keynote is aimed at informing and empowering youth in preparation for the evolving future in the post-Covid era. Through this keynote, delegates will be able to find out more on opportunities available in the post-Covid era, specific changes to watch out for, and the peculiarities of the future of work.

YouthSpeak Forum 2021

workshop #1:

Unboxing Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

with Youth Use Cases

Hosted By

YouthSpeak Forum 2021
Tictag Singapore Logo

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL); the new buzz words which represent the future of data and analytics with potential to transform businesses and daily life completely.

In this session, learn from our youth entrepreneurs, Startup Boost and Tic Tag on how they tapped into AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning to apply on their businesses and applications to transform customer service experience and gamification. Delegates will understand and differentiate these complex terms along with its increasing application to our day-to-day world and gain a better understanding in the emerging technologies.

What will you learn?
▶️ Understand what is ML / AI / DL and its application to problem solving
▶️ Emerging technologies and opportunities in the market
▶️ Expand your skillset through resources available

YouthSpeak Forum 2021
YouthSpeak Forum 2021

workshop #2:

Wealth Way - Liquidity, Longevity & Legacy

Hosted By

UBS Logo

What are the most important financial decisions you will make? How do you become financially literate? Learn about financial services industry, UBS, wealth way, behavioural finance and asset allocation, investing and saving to start the journey to financial independence.

workshop #3:

Guide to Personal Branding

Hosted By

YouthSpeak Forum 2021

In today’s competitive environment, students need a way to differentiate themselves from their peers in the job market. With the proliferation of social media platforms such as LinkedIn, more companies now seek and value the personal brand of the applicants while hiring.

Hence, this workshop aims to guide youth in cultivating their own personal brand online. Through this interactive session, delegates will gain insights on how to build a narrative around their strengths and the best practices to build their personal brand through LinkedIn profile and networking events.

YouthSpeak Forum 2021
YouthSpeak Forum 2021

workshop #4:

Essential Guide for your Digital Marketing Career

Hosted By

YouthSpeak Forum 2021


EYSY Digital Logo

We know that the advancement of the internet has transformed the way businesses market their products and services to consumers. Digital marketing skills have become more important for businesses to build a strong brand image.

The rise of new digital channels has also created a raft of specialist skills required to deliver marketing campaigns via different platforms. LinkedIn revealed that digital marketing and social media jobs are trending in late last year with skills such as social media marketing becoming more essential. Let’s dive deep into the essential guide for your Digital Marketing career through the lens of a brand owner and digital agency.

What will you learn?
▶️ Understand what is ML / AI / DL and its application to problem solving
▶️ Emerging technologies and opportunities in the market
▶️ Expand your skillset through resources available


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