At AIESEC, we believe that everyone has the ability to change the world – even if they don’t know it yet. This is why our mission is to help enable young people to develop their leadership skills through experiential and practical learning with the programs we offer. Join tens of thousands of other young people around the world go through the AIESEC experience every year!

For Youth
Global Volunteer Experience in Vietnam
Yuxin in Vietnam

“My 6 weeks in Vietnam allowed me to make a difference to the lives of the underprivileged children in Tay Ninh by providing them with quality English education. I was also able to build long-lasting friendships with like-minded youths around the world and develop myself by stepping out of my comfort zone and adapting to new environments. Even though it was my first time travelling solo, the immense love, care and warmth from my host family and other friendly locals/aiesecers alike made me feel right at home.”

Our Global Volunteer projects around the world exist because we choose to shape what we do around what the world needs. We have committed to creating a youth movement to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by the year 2030.

Global Talent
Jam's Global Talent Exchange to Myanmar
Jamie in Myanmar

“My experience in Myanmar was the most liberating and fulfilling 7 weeks of my life yet. I cannot describe the magnitude of impact my internship at Zingo had on my self-awareness, independence as well as personal and professional development. Working with diverse nationalities I believe I learnt more from them than I ever can in the same time in Singapore, and I am much more deeply connected to the culture now beyond any tourist experience one could have. “

AIESEC’s Premium Partners are present in different countries and territiories around the world. Each partner opens around 10 – 70 opportunities yearly in the global headquarters or regional/country offices. Over 400 opportunities are available yearly for top candidates across backgrounds.

The Process

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  • Secure an interview and get matched
  • Attend an interview for the projects/internship positions you have applied for and get matched. Show them why you care, ask them questions and if it’s all good – pay, sign and you’re set!
  • Get ready, get prepared
  • Receive personalised support from your local AIESEC manager who will be attached to you throughout your journey. Attend our preparation spaces. Sort out flights, visa, insurance & logistics.
  • Step outside your comfort zone
  • Pack your bags, open your mind and get ready to embark on a life-changing experience! Discover your world and most importantly, yourself.