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the social sector in Singapore

  • Ageing Population
  • Manpower crunch in the social sector
  • 160,000 households do not earn enough to meet basic needs

What is Majulah Volunteer?

Majulah Volunteer is a 6-8 week long social impact programme for youths to contribute to the local community while developing themselves personally and professionally. Volunteers will intern full-time at one of our partner NGOs or social enterprises.
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Why should you be a part of

Majulah volunteer?

empower others, develop yourself

  • Develop Professional Skills
  • Broaden Your Global Perspective
  • Build Connections in the Social Sector
  • Develop Yourself

As a Majulah Volunteer, you will bring fresh perspectives to the table, while immersing yourself in the local social enterprise scene. At the same time, you will contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and broaden your horizons.

Be a Majulah Volunteer now.

Majulah Volunteer

Do things the aiesec way.

All Majulah Volunteers will get to participate in our Global Aspect Initiatives, where they will get to build meaningful connections foreign students and overseas AIESECers!

Majulah Volunteer

Become independent and self-confident

I have personally grown so much in my time in Singapore. I didn’t even think that was possible in only 6 weeks, which, considering how fast it went by now, is a very short time. I’ve become very independent and self confident and I learned being on my own and getting by on my own, asking people for help. And I really like this version of myself that is so much less restricted by their own insecurities.
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Majulah Volunteer


Look through our list of opportunities in our search tool, or below, and find a project that suits you!

Indicate your interest here! This is 100% non-binding, so you can always choose to back out or decline the offer!

We’ll be sitting down with you for a short chat to tell you more about the programme – this is to clarify any doubts you might have and help you in your decision! After that, you will be attending The 1st interview with us AIESECers

At this stage, you will be attending a last interview with the NGO/social enterprise you have applied for.

If you are selected, congratulations! You will need to sign an agreement with us, and we will be in contact with you shortly to help you with the logistics.

our partners

Acceset is a business which aims to engage students in a range of meaningful activities so as to increase their social connections. Their current product offering includes anonymous digital letter writing and training of pen pals and we aim to expand to offer follow-up activities such as art and pottery classes and cycling with a network of partners.  


Ageing Asia is an ageing market consultancy in Asia with the mission to change the future of ageing in Asia Pacific. The events planned include various stakeholders from many different countries to provide for the elderly and the inclusion of the elderly in society.

Art for Good is a Social Enterprise which Help Communities by Doing Good Through Art. Using art, they promote mental well being through visual art creative expression, by conducting art therapy, art enrichment workshops and community art projects.


ALL HEARTS specialises in the provision of training services to help their clients. Currently, their key client base includes government organisations such as the Ministry of Education. With the Approved Training Organisation (“ATO”) accreditation, they are certified to provide training to the public. They are dedicated to helping clients develop their best practices to meet the ever-changing demands of the evolving landscape.

Founded in 2003, Halogen Foundation Singapore is a value based not-for-profit Institution of a Public Character (IPC) charity that believes every young person has innate potential to influence and lead, becoming positive change agents.

Foreign Domestic Worker Association for Social Support and Training (FAST) is an NGO focused on offering both social support and training for distressed, exploited or lonely Foreign Domestic Workers (FDW) residing in Singapore.
Every year, FAST provides courses to more than 20,000 FDWs including cooking, baking, pastry making, infant care, eldercare, foot reflexology, nursing care, computer skills, English, stress management, financial management and entrepreneurial skills.

Purnama is a social enterprise, geared to make a meaningful and positive difference in the lives of women and children in Asia, by creating quality products that can be marketed to create livelihood, education and environmentally conscious sustainable practices.

Secondsguru is a social enterprise on mission to promote eco awareness. They run corporate workshops to promote planet-positive action (face-to-face and virtual sessions) and also conduct outreach programmes to give back to the community. Plus their portal Secondsguru.com is a one-stop informational source for anyone looking for a greener lifestyle!

SeedFuel is doing its part to add value through upcycling activities in a circular economy approach. SeedFuel provides high-value, innovative products upcycled from the by-products of the fruit-processing industry. Some of these products include highly nutritious mango kernel flour for home and commercial bakers as well as mango butter for the cosmetics industrylooking for a greener lifestyle!


  • Quality Internship Experiences
  • Leadership and personal development
  • Social and cultural events outside of work hours
  • Personal Exchange Manager to address your queries
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