SDG titans summit

Happened March 2021

SDG Titans:

Devise Socially Responsible Solutions for Companies​

SDG Titans is a 3-week long Sustainability Business Competition, focusing on creating innovative business solutions for the advancement of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). Participants will have the opportunity to be guided by industry professionals through masterclasses, and implement their ideas after the competition! 💡

Throughout SDG Titans, participants will undergo masterclasses to improve their capabilities and to apply their learning throughout the multiple touchpoints. This would ultimately culminate in a 2-day summit, with the chance to hear from esteemed keynote speakers and industry professionals in Day 1, and to hear our finalists presenting their final pitches to our panel of judges in Day 2. Finalists will stand the chance to win exciting cash prizes as well as mentorship from our partners at the end of this event. This is the pinnacle of the YLX program, where you can apply yourself and all the knowledge and skills acquired so far to solving some of society’s most pressing issues. Take on the challenge and lead the changes you want to see.


SDG titans

SDG Titans


SDG Titans